Gunnarr and Barbary Rose

Welcome to Our Endless Hills!

Barbary Rose and Gunnarr of the Endless Hills

Entering Pennsic Court, 2013 (the website will not allow me to alter the we look really skinny here! :)


We are the 5th Baronage of Endless Hills, the barony at the border of East Kingdom of Aethelmearc.  King Henri d'Artois and his Queen Elena conducted our Investiture in November of 2009...In May 2012 our populace re-elected us for a second term..

Since that day we have been to almost every Barony in Aethelmearc (Blackstone is on the list!), and a goodly number of Shires and Cantons as well--some out-of-Kingdom!  Being located on the East Kingdom border gives us opportunity to meet and interact with many of the Tyger persuasion.

Gunnarr is active in the equestrian, rapier, archery, and thrown weapons communities, and serves as a marshal for most of those.  Barbary Rose is a scribe, illuminator, embroideress, garb-maker, armor-maker, banner-maker--you get the idea; she's rather busy making stuff!  And SOMEHOW she has acquired the additional descriptor of "The Tyrant"...or Tyranness...or The Tyrant-o-Saurus...but really, she doesn`t bite...much... :)

Our time as Baron and Baroness will hopefully be spent in serving our populace and Kingdom...and encouraging others to do likewise.  Our reign has seen the return of some members who have stopped playing for whatever reason--and the Barony is so much richer for their return-and the newcomers who attend practices and meetings just to see what all the excitement is all about!

We encourage, nay Challenge--our populace--to find their own level of service and/or participation...the SCA is a participating game; not a spectator sport--jump in with both feet!

Our Barony boasts one of the fastest-growing rapier communities (fondly referred to as Steel Therapy) and the numbers for our heavy combat fighters continue to increase.  Endless Hills also is the home of the Endless Voices--a choir of angelic singers who make us proud at every performance.  Other activities continue to grow as the members of our populace find their passion.  Visit the Barony website at

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